Based in Guanacaste, with roots in Québec, California, and 90 years of recorded jazz, MANGO TAXI is an extraordinary mix of jazz classics and original compositions, a uniquely sophisticated brand of sunset music that complements the finest settings on the Golden Coast of Costa Rica. Intriguing beats and well-crafted grooves support beautiful melodies and subtle explorations - enticing the ear, without intruding. It is music that takes the edge off a perfect day, that whets the appetite for fine dining, creative cocktails, vintage wine and sparkling conversation.

Mango Taxi is available as a simple Duo, as a trio (with  percussion), as well as a full quartet.

Please call us to discuss how Mango Taxi can help you build a following for your lounge or restaurant, or add a fresh twist to your special event.


~ Mango TAxi Duo ~ 

Electric and Acoustic Bass / Bill Bennett
Keyboard, Sampling / Jacques Mignault


~ WITH Mango Taxi quartet ~

Mango Taxi as a quartet, with Mike DiNardo on drums, and the incomparable Jean-Claude Béliveau vocals.


Live events


Mango Taxi Trio Live

Bill Bennett (Bass)
Felipe Saenz (Percussion)
Jacques Mignault (Keyboard)

MANGO TAXI with Jean-Claude

Bill Bennett (Bass)
Felipe Saenz (Percussion)
Jacques Mignault (Keyboard)
Jean-Claude Béliveau (Vocals)